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No tittle ;3
Wednesday, 27 June 2012 | 08:44 | 0 comments

Life would be so much easier if i had you by... | Unknown Picture Quotes, Famous Picture Quotes by Unknown
/Assalammualaikum\Hai gaaiizzzz :) Lol hmmm sorry for not updating my blog for a long time.Tonight yaaaa my mood go to for my blog :) So i hv nothing to story.I just think to create a story.........Based on now a days :) Hmm.Like ? Do read k ;>

It's about triangle love or cinta tigasegi.Yaaaaaa i  hate this feeling hmmm.I would like to kill if you the one of the three person........In fact even our friend,bestfriend can do this to us.Hmmm.Such a cruel friend i wish i never have friends like this.Well this never happened to me.Err -.- Even couple pun saya tk pernah.Hahaha.Believe k :) Back to the story my friends has been through this situation.

I couldn't help her at that time.She's very stress out,Hmm i just could give her some advise and i dont want if something happened to her.So if you gaizz have a some story or incident with ma friends.I think you know how is it feel.Just one thing be strong!And to the people who like to destroy people relationships please stop it k.Nothing you can't get if you do all these thing.It waste your time and make more people get angry wt you.Lastly pity youuuuuu.......Hmm Okbai.
LOL.Euro tonight!I wanna watch the match but my brothaaa go to 'mamak' for watching.Hmmmm sadlyyyy.Nobody wanna look out it with me :/ Oh one more thing forever GERMANNNNN! x) okey bye.Xx!

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